Led by a master builder and located in Bromley. PSC Building LTD offers full bathroom installations, refurbishment and fitting. This includes plumbing, plastering, tiling, bath tub/shower/toilet/basin fitting. This page was created to show case the bathrooms fittings, refurbishments and conversions in more detail and to give our clients ideas that they can develop for their own projects.

Below is a sample of our previous work at a property in Beckenham in the borough of Bromley. The first photos show the bathrooms at the start of the project. The images don’t match exactly because the walls were moved and the windows were mostly replaced.

The next images show the bathrooms in the property after the work was done.


 Firstly the work consisted of the removal of the old bathrooms, electrical and plumbing system. After this the side walls were removed to rearrange the floor plan of the property and make several rooms more spacious. The windows were replaced, new walls and new plumbing was installed. After the wall boards were put up, gypsum boards were attached and the walls and ceiling were plastered. The next steps involved tiling or fitting the flooring with skirting boards. The walls were then painted, after which any radiators, lights, bathtubs, toilets or basins were fitted. The bathroom with the yellow double basin is new and was converted from a stripped down room.


The images below show the bathrooms at the start of a project in Greenwich. The project was a conversion of a commercial property into two two-bedroom homes. In the first image below the bathroom was built in the place were two builders are standing on top of the scaffold platform.