We are a high end builder based company in Bromley. At PSC Building LTD we offer full kitchen installations, removals and fitting. This includes plumbing, plastering, flooring, tiling and fitting. Below is a sample of our previous work at a property in Beckenham in the borough of Bromley. The two photos below show the room that was converted into a kitchen at the start of the project and the previous kitchen that existed to the right of it in the photos. The old kitchen is also shown in the photo on the right.

The wall that separated the room and the old kitchen in the above image was removed, this created a large open space which was supplemented by an extension that created a large living room to the right of the kitchen in the photos. The previous flooring, fireplace, furniture and the kitchen was removed.

The images below show the finished kitchen at the end of the project. The room was fully re-plastered, painted, the skirting boards and covings were replaced.

A more detailed description of the project along with other photos is available in our portfolio page under Beckenham BR3 1SD.